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Odessa governor supports gambling legalization in Ukraine

saakashvili the Odessa governor

Mikheil Saakashvili,former president of Georgia,now governor of Ukrainian city of Odessa supportsĀ gambling legalization in country.

Ukraine’s economy is getting worse month by month,inflation,annexed territories of Crimea peninsula and east regions of country,where,always,expensive military operations going on.another war this time so called “customs war” with Russia,traditionally biggest buyer of Ukraine goods. All this made a devastating blow to country’s economy,and urge to find more income sources for state budget.

Governor can not hide his disappointment over the fact that,while gambling in country is treated illegal vast of money goes to the surrounding countries like Belarus,Georgia and other,where citizens of Ukraine found their gambling haven. That money could be useful to the country’s tight budget.

“I think that is enough to mislead ourselves,and introduce that kind of business through clear and legitimate framework according the law and use income from it to build roads and other much needed infrastructure.” the Governor


Updated: 14/05/2016 — 13:55

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