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Euro 2012 finals: This music will last forever

Spanish team won , beating  in the final match. For the first time in the history of European championships current winner of the tournament was able to retain the title. In addition, the Spaniards found another phenomenal achievement, winning three consecutive victories in major tournaments. In addition to the championship which ended on Sunday, equal to this team as there was at Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010.

Starting lineups have done without revelations. As many expected, based on the Spanish national team back Cesc Fabregas, and the statement of Vicente Del Bosque, who has promised to play three strikers, it was nothing more than a joke. On the right flank of the defense team once again found himself in an Italian who served a suspension Abate, Baltsaretti as coach of “Blue Squadron” left in stock.

Chorus of disaffected Spanish style of play in this championship squads added a solid number of new members. Who just did not compare the “red fury”: error-free computing and machine, and a boa constrictor and a lot of ruthless with anyone else. And yet, it seems that the main claim of the critics lay out a game plane. Just tired of so many that consistently win major tournaments, the same team, making it a notable margin of safety. In this context, detractors Spaniards placed great hopes in Italy – the only rival champions, who managed to impose his counterplay in this Euro. Illusions about the chances of “Azzurro” Del Bosque wards dispelled pretty quickly. Heavy-duty Spanish computer detected an error in the Italian system already on the 14 th minute when using the triple-core processors in the face of Iniesta, Fabregas and Silva was first formalized a goal Buffon.

The scenario has become a decisive fight strongly reminiscent of the plot quarterfinal meeting with the French, Spaniards, whose outcome no one in doubt before the final whistle. Quick goal off his favorite bondage excitement when the Spanish national team players all know the feeling. So confidently acted futbolsity La Furia Roja in the final. The Italians, by contrast, are often wrong, unable to withstand pressure from the opponent. Especially in this respect distinguished Chiellini, who also soon got injured and lost his place on the field Baltsaretti. After a missed penalty goal Italians besieged Casillas standards, but anything worthwhile out of this extract could not. Even clever Pirlo in a game did not look too convincing. The Spaniards left him a minimum of opportunities for the development of attacks. Almost disappeared on the “Olympic” hero of the semi-finals Mario Balotelli, who Pique and Ramos swallowed, do not even choking.

The position of Italians and with the score 0-1 was the worst governor, but what really sold the defender after the album will be released one by one, an engraver, who was to deliver a championship trophy the name of its owner, was fit to take up the instrument. However, after a hiatus with the release of Di Natale, who replaced Cassano, the game in attack in Italy revived. At the gate Casillas began to emerge moments, but they could distinguish themselves and the Spaniards, to appoint Pedro Proensa penalty for handball Bonucci.

The Italians soon reached the limit of substitutions. The last player to have appeared on the field from the bench, was Mott Tago, injured after only four minutes and then setting off on a stretcher to the dressing room. After this time left the final meeting finally turned into a mere formality. In the box in this case, the referee stops the bout normally, honoring one of the opponents by TKO. Italian team also had to perform the unenviable role until the final whistle. Under the curtain finally finished off an opponent by winning goal of Euro 2008, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata, who replaced.

Spanish boa, won a landslide victory and the beautiful (the largest in the history of the European Championship finals), confirmed his power in the main match of the tournament, without even giving a hint of a different outcome. His critics as a team Vicente del Bosque sent down to the level of Bandar-log. It is possible that the football can bring the Spaniards gold for years. In any case, looking at the magical game of Xavi, Iniesta, Fabregas, Silva (you can list all of the “furies”), it seems that this music will last forever. Moreover, in this country have growing up and maturing a new vengeance, and thus hungry to big victories talented generation.


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