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This is English Premier League

imageEnglish Premier League, which finished fifth in the annual ranking of IFFHS European football championships, has passed for its equator. After a 21-round, you can likely identify the two leaders of the championship, and the two outsiders.     The fight for the championship For the second year in a row in England ball club right from Manchester. Last season, the fate of the championship decided in the last seconds. It is possible that in the spring of this year, English football fans will witness this saga. But who will be the hero and who is the loser – is unclear. “United” is ahead of its neighbors by 7 points in the table. A large number of passed balls suggests that defensive game at “Red Devils” is still enough problems. However, with players like Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez, Danny Welbeck, longtime coach, “United” has concentrated on attacking play. Shuttle Van Persie certainly paid off. Looking at the picture below, you can imagine why the Dutchman so wanted to get Sir Alex.


We can only sympathize with the “Arsenal” and personally Arsene Wenger. After all, Robin is not the first who did not succeed in keeping the ranks of the “Gunners”. And not the last. But let’s be honest: today to win the coveted trophy in the “United” is much easier than in the camp of “Arsenal”. The February “test of strength” Sir Alex to go into full-time confrontation with Madrid “Real” in the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. By the way, the immediate pursuers, and neighbors, as in the championship, and in the city have not been able to counter the champion of Spain in the group stage. Available mentor “United” is a month to analyze the situation and predict the development of all possible options for his team. And if necessary to point gain. For example, several British media reported that the “United” are on the verge of signing Wilfried Zaha. Sir Alex is very interested in acquiring a young footballer “Crystal Palace”, which in November last year, made his debut for the first team in England in the match against Sweden. However, there is an option that after signing with mankuniantsami, Wilfrid remain in the club on loan until the end of the season – said the Daily Mail.

But the “Manchester City”, having a remarkable margin Arab million in no hurry to enter the market. Having a high of four forwards, Roberto Mancini can not successfully combine or rotate on the two Argentines, Bosnian and Italian. Failed miserably in Europe for the second year in a row, the Italian specialist was only one chance to keep his job – winning the championship. The gap to seven points from the leader says that “citizens” have no room for error. Suppose that the “United” will be “Real” and her performances on the European stage. In that case, Sir Alex is sure to stumble in the domestic championship. Perhaps these misfires are the only chance for Roberto Mancini’s charges overtake neighbors. Moreover, that “citizens”, as most European giants, most likely “disdain” by the League of Europe. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. History is replete with cases where one squad won both the domestic league and in the main European event. So far, the “City” looking for ways to strengthen the attacking power and actively is considering inviting the Uruguayan striker Italian “Napoli” Edison Cavani. If the transfer takes place, the “citizens” will have to part with one of his attackers. First in the queue is Mario Balotelli, which often appears in the summary of incidents and the team can not find a common language with the mentor.

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According to The Guardian “Manchester City” is ready to part with the notorious Italian and sell it at home, in the “Milan”, about 25 million pounds. On the basis of this problem, Mancini has an opportunity to strengthen, and the rotation of. In the past year, “the citizens” managed to close the gap on the “United” eight balls and win the championship in the final round. Why not repeat the feat this season?

Applicants for the gold
Will anyone a fight Manchester teams for the title? “Tottenham” and “Everton” gained speed and are in great shape, but for the fact that to fight and claim the “gold”, trust Andre Villas-Boas and David Moyes needs stability. Nine draws, “Everton” suggests that “toffee” is not fully believe in themselves and the ability to fight at the highest level.

Cases from Portuguese coach in the London club folded very well. Villas-Boas not only saved the “legacy”, he inherited from Harry Redknapp, but also to make their ideas into the gaming circuit team. “Spurs” show nice attacking football, but occasionally allow themselves to misfire in a duel with a known weak opponents.

The same fate befell the “Arsenal”. Despite the continued participation of the club in the Champions League, this tradition may be interrupted in the current year. Not the first major trophy of the season for the “Gunners” is the 4th place in the table. Which, of course, does not satisfy the fans ambitions London team. Arsene Wenger’s philosophy has split “Gunner” by supporters and opponents of the club development model advocated by French experts. Watching from the side to see how the big clubs are buying famous players, the fans, “Arsenal” once again hear about the nurturing of their stars and see the care leaders. If that continues, with all due respect to the famous club, fighting for trophies can safely be postponed for two years. As long as the home-grown or locally grown players do not want to remain in their home walls. So far, the trends. Perhaps Theo Walcott will sign a new contract and turning the page in the history of “Arsenal”. In the meantime, all the rumors about potential acquisitions, “Gunners” are just speculations of various media.

As long as the “Chelsea” will not stop coaching carousel, can hardly be considered the best team in Europe last season as a contender to fight for the gold medal. Perhaps with such a composition would either fulfill their duties, but would not interfere with the team to play. But in practice it is different. Took the lead in the championship, the team Di Matteo has admitted a couple of mistakes at the end of the year, which proved fatal to the Italian specialist. As a result – dismissal steering, departure from the Champions League and the loss of leadership in the domestic championship. Rescue team was called to Rafael Benitez, who has signed a contract with “Chelsea” by the end of the season. But while the Spaniard could not find a common language with the fans of “blue” and does not justify the expectations imposed on him, as evidenced by the latest results of the team’s performance. It is not surprising that at the end of the Carling Cup semi-final match, which ended for the “blue” 0-2 defeat at home to “Swansea”, the fans booed Benitez and Torres. The latter, by the way, can not find his game. Perhaps a reunion with compatriot Spaniard will benefit, but to rely on this fact is not necessary. Therefore, acquisition of Demba Ba looks quite logical. From the words of Benitez, the former striker, “Newcastle” is not a stand-Torres, and both players have an equivalent chance of getting into the foundation.

Gradually selected out of the crisis “Liverpool”. Slowly but surely, the team Brendan Rodgers returns to the top of the table. While the game, “Liverpool” largely rests on the individual qualities of its leaders. However, drag myself to such cargo throughout the season transcends any Gerrard or Suarez. Acquisition Daniel Staridzha looks quite reasonable. Englishman would remove some of the load off the shoulders and diversifies Uruguayan attacking team play. It is quite possible that “skauzery” can compete with “Chelsea”, “Tottenham”, “Arsenal” and “Everton” in the fight for a place in the top four strongest.

Basement disassembly
In the “basement” standings seething passions. “Reading” and “Kiunz Park Rangers” float at the bottom, having won just two victories from the start of the championship, with seven draws and 12 times defeated. If this state of affairs, “royals” is no surprise, then that’s “CRC” frankly disappointing. Having avoided relegation last season, “Hoops” had a sea change in the composition. Julio Cesar, Esteban Granero, Jose Bosingwa, Park Ji Sung wearing shirts “Hoops”. However, the expectations of fans London club did not materialize. Guide is designed to save the team’s former mentor, “Spurs’ Harry Redknapp. It is possible that the English coach will maintain a registration in the Premier League. Sensational victory over the “Chelsea” in the last round of confirmation.

On the third “ticket” in the Championship claimed several teams. “Wigan”, “Southampton”, “Aston Villa” and “Newcastle” may be among the losers. Raising the bar in the last season, “Magpie” frankly disappointing his fans. Probably, the reason of damage of key players, but if the goal is for the team performance in the strongest European tournaments, and the bench, as well as its quality, must meet. In the absence of the injured Hatem Ben Afra and Joanna Kabaye team can not compete on the same level as last year. But there is still a play-off Europa League.

Thus, the transfer window offers a chance to teams to solve certain problems, increase membership for the remainder of the season, and get rid of players who do not meet the expectations and trust. Until the end of January tabloids, agents, players, coaches and others who directly relates to “okolofutbolu” will produce different rumors and fiction related to the change of residence different players.

Announce Tour and experience the atmosphere of the Premier League and spend a Sunday evening watching a major confrontation between the English “Manchester United” and “Liverpool”, as well as watch the struggle of “Arsenal” and “Manchester City”.

Upcoming fight at “Old Trafford” should not be viewed through the prism of the fight for the gold medal. Today, “Liverpool” is not the force that demonstrated in the early 2000s. But, at the same time, the competition between the “United” and “Liverpool” – a special page in the history of English football. The balance of power has changed in the confrontation at a time when the head coach of “United” appeared Sir Alex. That he brought the club glory days of Sir Matt Busby. In the end, Sir Alex surpassed “skauzerov” in the 2010/11 season, becoming champions for the 19th time. Now, officially, “MJ” – the most successful club in England. Judge principled opposition can already by the fact that in the history of the two clubs had only one case when a player is directly transferred from one team to another. It happened in 1964, when Phil Chisnall left the “United” and went to the “Liverpool”. Fans expect a real battle and I want to believe that neither Howard Webb appointed officiate nor Patrice Evra with Luis Suarez will not spoil this football feast. Recall that last year the Uruguayan striker was fined 40,000 pounds and banned for eight matches for pronunciation against Evra racist insults during a game in October 2011.

And in January of that year, Webb’s team judged the FA Cup match between the rivals. “United” then won a minimal victory thanks to a goal from a penalty kick Ryan Giggs and Steven Gerrard in the removal of the 32 th minute. After the game forward, “Red” Ryan Babel in his tweeter placed the photo of Howard Webb in a T “Manchester United”, for which he was fined 10,000 pounds. Not surprisingly, before the games of this size and significance of passions run to the limit.

The meeting in London is an intriguing character. “Young”, “City” against veteran “Arsenal”. This is when you look at the match from a historical point of view. Battle between two development models of different worldviews and philosophies. MS buying up all in a row, and sold its stars “Arsenal”. Including direct competitors. On the side of the “Gunners” statistics of recent games: “citizens” had won only one match out of the last six in the Premier League. In general, the “City” has for 37 years can not overcome the “Arsenal” on the “Emirates” in the Premier League. Last season, “citizens” was able to beat Arsene Wenger’s team in the cup match, and wards off Roberto Mancini does not consolidate the success of the league. In terms of the standings for both teams need a win. “Citizens” must not only do not come off, but try to catch up with its neighbors, and the “Gunners” to return to the Champions League zone. Roberto Mancini will not be able to count on Sergio Aguero, who has not recovered from a thigh injury. However, to get in shape Edin Dzeko able to compensate in the Argentine attack.
In the last rounds “Gunners” sighted and began to shoot at the rival’s goal is much more accurate. Translation Theo Walcott in the center forward added agility and variability attack action team. Change of position, the leader of “Arsenal” was to score more, but do not hurry to sign a new contract. Perhaps winning the upcoming fight will add confidence Englishman in the need to extend the relations with “Arsenal”.


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