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Blacklist of Bulgarian online gambling

Bulgaria’s State Commission in charge on gambling issue reported that their blacklist contains 172 online gambling websites,which were banned in the past six months. Nevertheless,number of the listed websites may be reduced as the Bulgarian government issued  a number of relief measures  to encourage gambling operators to apply for a license in Bulgaria. Previous taxation conditions did not suit operators who claimed that the country is impossible to conduct a profitable business for legitimate conditions. They showed their protest by refusing to obtain a license in Bulgaria. This, in turn, forced parliamentarians to seek ways to improve the tax regime. Sofia’s news agency “The Novinite”  reported that online gambling operators will be able to obtain a license by paying 250,000 leva, and also will have to pay down to the state treasury 20 % of the difference between revenue and profit.

According to the State Commission on Bulgaria and gambling taxes annually on the activities of gambling operators bring about 120 million leva.

Updated: 26/12/2013 — 01:48

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