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Romania vs. Albania some facts about


Romanians did not against Albania in 13 last matches and complete head-to-head record (1946-2014) is 11 wins,3 draw,2 lost. Two lost games  were more 68 and 70 years ago (Balkan cup). In 16 head-to-head matches between them,Albania never scored more than one goal. In their three last games there were no more than two goals 0:1,1:1,1:1. […]

Odessa governor supports gambling legalization in Ukraine

saakashvili the Odessa governor

Mikheil Saakashvili,former president of Georgia,now governor of Ukrainian city of Odessa supports gambling legalization in country. Ukraine’s economy is getting worse month by month,inflation,annexed territories of Crimea peninsula and east regions of country,where,always,expensive military operations going on.another war this time so called “customs war” with Russia,traditionally biggest buyer of Ukraine goods. All this made a devastating […]

Boxing day short preview


Well, one of the oldest English sport traditions is here,the Boxing day short preview by Betxpert. First and foremost, it’s about a full slate of 10 Premier League games all taking place on the same day. That doesn’t happen often, New Years Day and the final day of the season are the only other times, so […]

Blacklist of Bulgarian online gambling

Bulgarian online gambling blacklist

Bulgaria’s State Commission in charge on gambling issue reported that their blacklist contains 172 online gambling websites,which were banned in the past six months. Nevertheless,number of the listed websites may be reduced as the Bulgarian government issued  a number of relief measures  to encourage gambling operators to apply for a license in Bulgaria. Previous taxation conditions did […] © 2016 Frontier Theme